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"The Pro-Tatami Targeting Stand"

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The Tameshigiri-Pro “ Tatami-Pro " 

“For Precision Cutting & Tatami Matts"

Tameshigiri Pro%20Title%20Logo%20

The Pro-Tatamai

Single Action Targeting Stand

The Tameshigiri-Pro Tatami-Pro Stand comes with Six interchangeable striking Bobbins for single action targeting practice from either from the Draw hand position or combination striking from a Kamae position in order to cut selected objects. The main cutting block allows you to fix one "Tatami Matt” for traditional Tameshigiri Practices.

Now £384.95p Was £434.99p


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Weight. - 8.14 kg

Standard Height - 47-1/2 inch Lowest

Elevated Height - 75 - 3/4 inch Max

Pedestal Base - 16 inch

Table - 7 - 1/2 inch

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