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"Cutting From A Kneeling Position"

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"The Pro-Stool"

The Tameshigiri-Pro “ Pro - Stool

Single Action Targeting Stand ( Kneeling posture )

Tameshigiri Pro%20Title%20Logo%20

The Pro-Stool

Single Action Targeting Stand

The Tameshigiri-Pro Targeting Stool comes with Four interchangeable striking Bobbins for single action targeting practice from either the Draw hand position or Kneeling Posture ( Seiza ) in order to cut selected objects.

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Pro Stool

For practitioners of the Japanese sword in perfecting precision cutting techniques from a kneeling posture ( Seiza ) using a Katana blade or Sheathed Bokken. This versatile cutting platform comes with a variety of object holders or Bobbins in order to place objects on the table for executing precision cutting for greater accuracy and speed. Recommended by the KMA Association for all practitioners wishing precision and speed in the sword drawing art’s of Iaido - Iaijutsu - Kendo - Battojutsu - Kenjutsu - and the Way of Bushido.

Weight - 3.52 kg

Standard Height - 16 inch

Elevated Height - 22 inch

Table - 14 x 7-1/2inch

"Hand Crafted - Strong & Durable"

The Pro-Stool was designed for practical use and high end performance, with particular attention to practicalities when preforming precision cutting techniques with the Katana Blade. The Pro-Stool is protected from wayward strikes of the Katana using high quality aluminium reinforcement collars & elbow sections in order to protect your Pro-Stool and Katana blade from extensive damage if missing your target.

Lighting A Match With A Pro Stool

Sensei Treanor demonstrates the art of Tameshigiri with extreme precision while using a Tameshigiri- Pro Stool and from a kneeling position ( Seiza ). The draw speed is executed at less than .5 of a second in less time than it takes to blink an eyelid. The art of the fast draw is practiced as part of the Honjojutsu Katori Ryu School of swordsmanship, the "Way of the Sword" exclusively taught online at the KMA-Association Website.

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“Who Ever Is Quicker At The Draw, Will Win The Duel"

Adjustable Hight

From a Kneeling posture the practitioner can adjust the hight of the elevation  for effective targeting. 

Reinforced Contact Areas

All potential areas of the stand effected by Wayward strikes of the Katana Blade are reinforced.

Quick Disassemble

The Pro-Stool can be quickly disassembled by un screwing four hex Bolts located on each leg for convenience.


Four Target Bobbins

Each target Bobbin hold a specific target in place securely for use and replaced quickly and practically.

Ridged & Durable

All our stands are made from a tough Canadian reinforced Pine, with a triple lacquered acrylic finish.

Tetrapod Design

The Tetrapod design is used to ensure a more stable platform against incoming forces from a Katana Bade.