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“The Pro-Launcher Ping Pong Cannon"

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“The Pro-Launcher"

The Tameshigiri-Pro Launcher

"For Targeting Moving Objects"

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The Pro Launcher 

Ping Pong Ball Canon

The Tameshigiri-Pro Launcher comes with 10 professional Ping Pong Balls, Firing Mechanism, Ping Pong Ball Chamber & Launcher Assembly. For the practice of striking a moving target from either a Kneeling ( Seiza ) posture or a Kamae Posture in preparation to striking each target.

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The Tameshigiri Pro Launcher is unique in design and concept giving the practitioner of the sword an opportunity of striking a moving target from a kneeling posture or ( Seiza ) posture. The Pro - Launcher holds 10 Pingpong balls loading each ball in sequence prior to firing, each ball is fired and the rate of one Pingpong ball every 20 seconds from either 0 degrees vertically at the hight of 5 ft or from three lower angles from 10 to 45 degrees from a forward position. The curvature of the ball during launch is delivered at the rate of 0.3 of a second at a range of 9ft towards the practitioner in order to draw his sword to strike the ball dead centre. The descending rate of the ball following the curve or ark of fire is 0.9 of a second as it travels towards you. This gives a realistic time scale of an opponent drawing his sword or a dagger, or objects being thrown for you to react in order to counter.

Weight - 5.58kg

11- 1/2 inch Table to Floor

Elevation - 67.0 degrees

- 77.9 degrees

- 87.0 degrees

Size. - 17- 1/2 X 11 inch


The demonstration of the Tameshigiri Pro - Launcher gives an accurate representation of the load and firing of each Pingpong ball. The Loading arm holds up to 10 Pingpong balls holding each presented at the loading chamber ready to be fired in sequence. The rate of fire is one ball every 20 seconds, giving the practitioner time to re-position his or her self prior to the next launch of a ball.

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The Way Of The Fast Draw Tameshigiri-Pro

Adjustable Elevation

The Launcher has three different elevation settings for Shot’ Medium, and Long distances to allow Pingpong Balls to fall in a curve d path.

Firing Mechanism

The Firing Chamber works from a 3 volt motor accommodating two AA 1.5v Batteries as a main source of power. 

Loading Chamber

The loading chamber can hold 10 pingpong Balls plus one in the Firing Chamber. Each ball is continuously loaded after being Launched. 


Quick Disassemble

All component parts static or movable can be disassembled quickly for convenience and storage if required.

Firing Pin

The main firing pin works from a Spring Plunger System and Pull Drive Mechanism. Each of which is mechanical needing lubrication.

Ridged & Durable

All our stands are made from a tough Canadian reinforced Pine and high graded Aluminium, with a triple lacquered acrylic finish.