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"Multi Functional Cutting Platform"

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The Tameshigiri-Pro Pro-Giri Stand

“For Precision & Multiple Cutting Practices"

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The Pro-Giri Stand

Multiple Action Targeting Stand

The Tameshigiri-Pro Giri Stand comes with Six interchangeable striking Bobbins for multiple action targeting practice from either single action from the Draw hand position or combination striking from a Kamae position in order to cut selected objects.

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The Pro Giri Multi Stand design gives the practitioner of the Sword a dynamic range of motion in order to practice and perform cutting techniques using a Katana blade or Bokken. This unique stand is designed with the cutting block head in mind allowing five access points for each bobbin to be placed in preperation for cutting. This allows practitioners to perfect the nine cutting angles used in Bushido, and the Sword drawing arts, teaching the correct angles and perfect line in order to control the movement and focus of your Katana blade with pinpoint accuracy and in time developing correct form and speed of each angle executed.

Weight. - 8.14 kg

Standard Height - 47-1/2 inch Lowest

Elevated Height - 75 - 3/4 inch Max

Pedestal Base - 16 inch

Table - 7 - 1/2 inch

This Pro Giri Multi Stand is fully adjustable from the main pedestal frame to the cutting block for ease of motion and control. Made from a strong and durable Canadian Pine all contact areas are reinforced against waywood strikes of the Katana blade during regular practice. This beautiful stand is finished using several coats of Acrylic Laqure giving a deep and rich finish. Recomended for all practitioners of the sword wishing to perfect the draw, cut, accuracy, and speed in which they execute and preform Tameshigiri. 

Adjustable Hight

From a Standing posture the practitioner can adjust the hight of the elevation for effective targeting.

Reinforced Contact Areas

All potential areas of the stand effected by Wayward strikes of the Katana Blade are reinforced.

Quick Disassemble

The Pro-Stool can be quickly disassembled by un screwing four hex Bolts located on each leg for convenience.


Six Target Bobbins

Each target Bobbin hold a specific target in place securely for use and replaced quickly and practically.

Multi Cutting Block

Six positions of the Cutting Block can be used to secure each Bobbin for target practice. The head can also be rotated and locked in position.

Tetrapod Design

The Tetrapod design is used to ensure a more stable platform against incoming forces from a Katana Bade.