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Six Bobbins Plus 5 Steel & Aluminium Spikes

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“The Pro-Box"

Tameshigiri-Pro "Pro Tool Box"

6 Bobbins Plus 5 Steel & Aluminium Spikes

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The Pro Tool Box

Set Of Bobbins & Spikes

The Tameshigiri-Pro Tool Box comes with 6 assorted "Target Bobbins", 3 "Mild Steel Spikes" 8mm & 5mm, plus 2 "Aluminium Spikes" 8mm & 5mm. Pine & Laminated Plywood construction with Brass hinges with a Magnetic closing mechanism.

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Introducing the Pro Tool Box for all our Tameshigiri-Pro stands with exception to the Pro Launcher giving a wide range of tools and accessories for cutting practices. Each of our Pro Tool Boxes contains six Bobbins and five steel and aluminium spikes ranging from 10mm - 8mm and 3mm exclusively. Each spike selected can be interchanges using the push-fit design and are interchangeable on three of the six Bobbins. The Pro Tool Box complements all our Tameshigiri-Pro Sands beautifully giving additional flexibility for the user from fixed to interchangeable spike design. The Pro Tool Box is beautifully hand crafted in strong durable Canadian Pine with a deep rich finish to complement the look and feel of each Pro Stand Purchased.

Weight - 5.58kg

11- 1/2 inch Table to Floor

Elevation - 67.0 degrees

- 77.9 degrees

- 87.0 degrees

Size. - 17- 1/2 X 11 inch

“For Precision Targeting"

The Bobbins range from One dome for soft ball striking with a Bokken prior to practacing with a live blade. One 10mm Spike for attaching large fruits or vegetables - One 8mm Spike for attaching medium fruits or vegitables - One 3mm Spike for attaching small vegetables or fruits - One Candle Mount for attaching a single candle - One Matchstick Mount for attaching a single Matchstick - One 5 pronged skewer for attaching large water fruits or meat. 

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"The Way Of The Fast Draw" Tameshigiri-Pro

5 Steel & Aluminium Spikes

The Pro Tool Box comes with 5 Steel & Aluminium spikes that are of push-fit design from between 10mm and 8mm diameter. 

Candle Bobbin

The candle Bobbin holds one standard  household candle. The Bobbin is reinforced with a single steel liner inside the candle holder. 

Four Pronged Bobbin

The Four Pronged Bobbin holds meat or fruit objects. The steel prongs are turned outward, with an additional spike access if required.


Dome Bobbin

The Dome Bobbin is used for Bokken practice and s shaped to hold circular objects such as Sports Balls, made from rubber or Plastic.

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